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xiv                                  PREFACE

standings of my countrymen.   I write only for the men of

simple common sense, that simple common sense for which

ancient China was so distinguished, but which is so rare to-
day. My book can only be understood from this simple point
of view. To these people who have not lost their sense of
ultimate human values, to them alone I speak. For they alone
will understand me.

My thanks are due to Pearl S. Buck who, from the beginning
to the end, gave me kind encouragement and who personally
read through the entire manuscript before it was sent to the
press and edited It, to Mr. Richard J. Walsh who offered
valuable criticism while the book was In progress, and to Miss
Lillian Peffer, who styled the manuscript, read the proofs and
made the index. Acknowledgements are also due to Mrs.
Selskar M. Gunn, Bemardine Szold Fritz and Baroness Ungern-
Sternberg, who, sometimes singly and sometimes in chorus,
nagged me Into writing this book. Lastly, I am Indebted to
my wife who patiently went through with me the less pleasant
aspects of authorship, which only an author's wife could



June, 1935